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The Oscars Go on Without a Host + How to Be Fashionable Without Going Broke



For the first time in 30 years, the 91st Academy Awards aka The Oscars proceeded without a host — This was following months of controversy involving Kevin Hart and old tweets. The award for best picture went to therace-relations film “Green Book,” and the top acting prizes went to Olivia Colman in “The Favourite” and Rami Malek in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” But the real prize went to Billy Porter who stole the show with his stylish attire.

Billy Porter on the Oscars Red Carpet in a Christian Siriano Tuxedo Dress

Well, I’m sure he paid a pretty penny for this but If you love to rock the latest styles and want to learn ways to look fab without going broke – you’re in luck. We want to share seven options to consider that are big on style, but not on price.

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” – Coco Channel

1. Trendy DIY Ideas

Making your own fashion trends is one of the best ways to express your personal style. Here are four fashion trends that are hitting the streets that you can make on your own:

  • Rope Belt: One of the latest trends to hit the runway this fall is the rope belt, which can be made easily for a low price. Simply find a few ropes or fabric (perhaps of different colors) and tie them around your waist for a bohemian feel. You could try using curtain ties or use fabric from old clothes– don’t be scared to get creative and make it your own!
  • Pendant Necklace: Want to wear a new pendant necklace? Buy the pendant online and then swap it out on one of your nice chains for a whole new necklace at a fraction of the cost.
  • Skinny Scarf: Another new trend to hit the runway is the skinny scarf. This can be made easily from an old shirt or fabric.
  • Artsy Tights: Want to remix your tights? Paint a trendy new design or saying on them with fabric paint or glitter.

2. Remix your outfits with a pop of color

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your wardrobe this season without breaking the bank is to add a pop of color. Look for accessories like wrap scarves, statement necklaces, and tights to give new life to older looks.

3. Out with the old

Have you ever heard the rule – if you haven’t worn it in six months – it’s time to let it go? It’s not the easiest task, but once you get rid of things that aren’t working for you, you’ll make room for some new items. Once you decide on what to part with, consider donating or selling your clothes.

Another trend that’s popping up is to host your own swap party. Invite your friends over and ask them all to bring a few items that they want to trade so everyone can get a few new to you pieces while having a girl’s night in.

4. Rent the runway

Have you got an upcoming special event? Why not rent your outfit instead! Assume that there will be pictures posted of you in your stellar look all over Instagram and Facebook, so you probably won’t want to wear the same outfit twice anyways. There are a bunch of websites that allow you to rent top name brand clothing and accessories.

5. Let the discounts come to you

Love a great deal? Then sign up for loyalty programs at your favorite retailers and get special savings sent directly to your email, text or mailbox. Some stores even allow you to combine those extra savings with sale rack items. Score!

6. Think outside the box (store)

Outlet and consignment stores can help you afford some stellar threads from top name brands at a fraction of the cost.

7. Time is money

Want to make sure your wardrobe will stand the test of time? Only buy a couple of trendy items of the moment, so you don’t have to start from scratch next year. A great way to build your wardrobe staples is to opt for neutral tones like black, gray and khaki that can go with everything.

Tell us how you look cool saving money in the comments below!

Ash Exantus aka Ash Cash is one of the nation’s top personal finance experts. Dubbed as the Financial Motivator, he uses a culturally responsive approach in teaching financial literacy. He is the Head of Financial Education at BankMobile and Editor-in-Chief at Paradigm Money. The views and opinions expressed are those of Ash Cash and not the views of BankMobile and/or its affiliates.

The Daily Digm (News)

T-Mobile’s Dream of Telecommunications Domination Gets the OK + How to Create Mental Toughness While Pursuing Your Dreams



T-Mobile’s $26 billion takeover of Sprint finally got approved by a federal judge, a move that will leave most wireless consumers with three major operators to choose from, including Verizon and AT&T. More than a dozen attorneys general had sued to block the merger that had already been approved by the Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission. The administration has required T-Mobile and Sprint to sell some units to pay-TV operator Dish Network as part of the deal.

Dream chasing isn’t for the faint at heart. It can take years before one sees the financial payoff of what was once an idea. T-Mobile is probably patient on the outside, but internal it is jumping for joy. It took them a few years to get to this point, but I’m sure they will be relieved at the fruits of their patients.

When building a business, your goal has to be more than money, or you will ultimately fail. Your drive has to be based on principle, change, and something greater than yourself. Here is how to stay mentally tough while pursuing your dreams.

Personal Development. The road to success is paved with character and growth. Personal development is one of the key drivers that sustain you on the path of your dreams. Trustworthiness, keeping your word, and dependability are imperative to any industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician or painter, lawyer or doctor, these traits and non-negotiable and forever transferable to success.

Take Breaks. To get there, you must rest one mile at a time. The grind is overrated. Reflecting on how far you’ve come energizes you for the road ahead. Burnout is a danger to your accomplishments and leads to a failure by default.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. Steve Jobs popularized this quote from an ad in The Whole Earth Catalog. It read Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. We come to a point when we are happy with a level of progress and think we’ve learned everything. Accepting the truth that we never stop growing, and there is no limit to our success gives us the ability to keep going. To continue, you must never settle. You must always seek new ways of fixing things and solving problems. Discover new opportunities and be open to learning more.

Faith. Steve Jobs also mentioned faith throughout his journey. Believing so deeply in an idea that you make it come to life. Belief takes ideas and materializes them; and when you realize you can actually make something come to life, the sky becomes your launching pad, not the limit.

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The Daily Digm (News)

Amazon Plans to Add 15,000 Jobs + How to Prepare for the Job You Want



Amazon says it will hire 15,000 more people at its Bellevue, Washington, campus, as part of the company’s effort to allocate new workers after it abandoned its plans for New York City. The e-commerce giant had issues in New York trying to open a facility there, called Bellevue, where 2,000 employees are already located, a “business-friendly city.” It’s also close to the company’s Seattle headquarters. This is good news for those in the job market but if this isn’t what you are looking to do then how do you make yourself valuable in the job market?

Here are four ways to prepare for the job you want no matter your age:

1. Focus on Your Strengths, Not What You’re Lacking

Whether you are 20 years old or over 40 instead of focusing on your age, you need to focus on your strengths. Many young people with limited experience or older people who may not be up to date with the latest technologies focus on what they’re lacking, and this is a big mistake. Do you have the qualifications for the job? Can you bring value to this position? Whatever your strong suits are you should play that up in your resume, cover letter or communications with the recruiter. It’s easy to focus on why you can’t get the job, but the trick is not to let that get to you. Focus on your value!

2. Attack Your Job Search from All Angles

Networking, Answering ads and/or working with recruiters are the most effective ways to land a job. It is important that you just don’t focus on one method but all three. Networking obviously is the ideal way because it allows you to communicate your value directly, but the other methods have their benefits as well. Be proactive and use each method effectively.

3. Show/Explain Your Leadership Abilities and/or Innovation

Leadership and taking the initiative have nothing to do with age. Young leaders and old leaders can be more or equally effective as those who have the “ideal” age. Focus on your leadership abilities and be sure to display this to your current or potential employee. Also, make sure you are keeping up to date with current trends in your industry. This will allow you to show your innovation and add more value to your company.

4. Ask For What You are Worth

Lastly, ask for what you are worth. Don’t let being “too young” or “too old” deter you from asking for a salary you deserve. In fact, trying to downplay your worth may very well backfire on you. Also, if you have been with a company for a long time and your salary outpaces what the position is worth making sure you are adding to your skill set and not staying complacent.

Following these four tips can help you gain or retain employment. What are some other ways? Comment below>>>

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The Daily Digm (News)

New Survey Says that Young People Don’t Like Job Hopping + How to Get Paid What You’re Worth



Contrary to popular belief young people are not keen on job-hopping as most people think. According to a new survey, U.S. millennials and Gen Zers want to stay at their current companies for an average of 10 years and six years, respectively. Additionally, they say work is a major part of their lives, with 65% of people in Gen Z and 73% of millennials saying it’s part of their identities, according to a Zapier-sponsored poll. The age groups’ actions reflect the findings: Seven in 10 say they constantly check work messages outside the office. This is great for corporations but what does that mean for business owners?

If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur you know all too well the fight to get what you are worth. You will constantly be bombarded with offers to work for less or even for “exposure” as many like to call it now. But how do you gain the confidence and know how to charge and get what you’re worth? Here are 3 tips:

Build Your Resume. It’s said that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. Pursuing your passions and getting paid for it is the ultimate professional dream. You may have to start by working for free or at a discount rate to builds skill, ability, and your resume but once you have some stats under your belt its time to get that money… Keep in mind that if you are only in it for the money it will be difficult to experience long term financial gains so make sure you are pursuing your passion not only the paycheck.

Set a Standard. Pioneers have the ability to set standards. And even if you are providing services already in the market, no one can deliver them quite like you. Style and quality set you aside from others opening up a field of buyers seeking exactly what you offer.

Don’t Give In. A colorist (a person who literally adds color by hand or digitally in films and visual media; yes, there is a path for everyone) from Brooklyn, NYC once told me he had to be firm with pricing because he didn’t want to become that guy who works for free. After you have put in the work and set a standard you must not give in to fees below your ability. Yes, flexibility is key but don’t short change yourself. Getting paid your worth is ultimately the result of you believing in your ability and knowing there are people who will pay for it.

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