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At Paradigm Money, we believe that proper money management starts with the mindset. Money is a tool and if used the right way it can help you live your best life. Money should never be a source of stress but instead a source of empowerment for yourself, your family, and community. At Paradigm Money, we are your one-stop shop for financial inspiration and motivation. We help young adults understand money in their language.

Our Story

Meet the Team

 Meet the team behind the vision and mission.


Ash Cash


Ash Cash is a personal finance expert, speaker, business consultant, bestselling author, and head of financial education at BankMobile. You can follow him on Twitter @IamAshCash


Elesia McCray

Managing Editor

Elesia McCray is a Tiffin University Alumni, BankMobile Marketing coordinator, and managing editor at Paradigm Money. You can follow her on Twitter @QueenE101


Jessica Guida

Creative Director

Jessica Guida is a Digital marketing manager and strategist with over 7 years of experience and Chief of Staff to the President, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at BankMobile. You can follow her on Twitter @JessInStyle

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